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Bialystok and Around

Białystok with a population of almost 300 thousand , is a city located in north-eastern Poland, serving the function of the capital of Podlaskie province. It is the administrative, and academic center of the region which, due to its exceptional environmental assets, has been termed the Green Lungs of Poland.

The location in the environmental clean region, full of tourist attractions, as well as the rich infrastructure of Białystok, makes the city and surrounding area a great place for living, recreation and development tourism.

Białystok has evolved as a place which is the melting pot of different nations, religions, cultures, customs and traditions, where the occidental rationalism meets the oriental mysticism. It has become an example of the integration of ethnic and religious groups.

The city enjoys a lively cultural scene: Białystok is the seat of many cultural institutions, culture promotion association and artist unions. Białystok's major theaters include Teatr Dramatyczny im. Aleksandra Węgierki ( The Aleksander Wegierka Theatre ) and the two-stage Białostocki Teatr Lalek ( The Bialystok Puppet Theatre) giving performances for both the child and adult audience.
The most valuable is the Branicki palace - garden complex that owes its shape, which has remained intact until now, to Jan Klemens Branicki , the Grand Crown Hetman. The palace is beautifully ringed in by one of Poland's best preserved Baroque garden.


Supraśl is a small town in the center of Knyszyński Forest situated just 15 km from Białystok. This is very interesting corner of Podlasie with colourful tradition, interesting culture and unusual nature. This is the most interesting tourist center in the region. The wooded hills and the river valleys create varied landscape . Ecological values of this town, fresh air, lack of industrial centers and unusual local climate was cause why the Supraśl joined to exclusive health resorts group in Poland. The architectual monuments reflect 500 years the history of Supraśl:


Białowieża is a town in a heart of the Białowieski Forest – offering extraordinarily high- standard relaxation : fresh air, saturated with the scent of resin from magnificent primeval trees, the aroma of herbs and grass, wildness of surrounding nature.
The Białowieski Forest is the very last natural, lowland- the most precious among the others- forest of the Old Continent. There are plenty of primeval places in the woods where the continuity of lively nature world generations has remained constantly for over thousands of years. The area of forest, which is priceless as far as its nature value is concerned, makes it one of the greatest tourist sights in Europe. It is estimated that over 20 thousand animal species and over 1000 plant species to exist on the Forest.
Such a wide variety of plant, fungus and animal species occurs only here. Some of them are specific just for these wild backwoods of the Forest. The most valuable nature's relic here, in Polish part of the Białowieski forest is the oldest in Poland- Białowieski National Park.
Unique primeval nature that exist here makes the place greatly desired and it is often visited by tourists either from Poland or from abroad. Walking or cycling along the tourist routes in the Forest, you are likely to meet a polish bison, a wild pig, a wolf or a lynx. You will also be impressed by hundreds of birds singing over your head among the tree-tops as well as by colorful and admirable flower carpets at your feet.
Białowieski National Park is a marvelous tourist attraction with its well-traced routes and picturesque vantage points. But you are not yet out of the woods and the only chance to experience all mentioned above wonders is coming here as soon as possible and staying here.
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