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Massage is relax and rest for a body and soul. Not only stimulates the senses, but also reduce the  pain and helps to firm and slim body. Massage  release chemicals that affect the brain and stimulate positive thinking. Where previously was pain and tension, there is a relief.

We offer a variety of proffesional massages:

Udvartana - Ayurvedic massage, using powdered herbs combined with ayurvedic oil, the treatment stimulates blood circulation, smooth out imperfections, acts as a peeling, shapes the body and gives the skin a healthy look.

Chocolate hot chocolate massage with the addition of coconut oil, acts as an antidepressant, relaxing, improves skin tone.

Classic massage - a method of physical treatment of internal and external symptoms which can cause disease, it consists of multiple shanks, movements, studies aimed at not only treatment, but also to prevent many diseases.

Relaxing with oils - for everyone who is tired, overworked and stressed, massage ensures total relaxation of the body and relax the mind.

Partial with oils - massage for tight muscle groups back, neck, shoulders and spine.

Antycellulite Massagestrongly stimulates the subcutaneous tissue, warms the skin, causes local congestion and mechanically breaks down fat, reduce cellulite and removes waste products and toxins. After a few sessions you will see the difference in circumference undergoing massage parts of the body.

Aromatherapy Massages - 100% natural oils, time of mssages 35min.: 1. Calming composition, 2. Antistress composition, 3. Stimulating composition, 4. For insomnia disease composition, 5. For  tired and pain in muscles composition